Dmv dot. wi. gov Wisconsin Department of Transportation Application MV2548 5/2014 s. 343 Wis. Stats. W I SCO N S I N D E PA R T M E NT O F T R A N S P O R TAT I O N Permanent Disabled Parking Identification Permit page 1 of 2 Information and Application MV2548 5/2014 s. 343 Wis. Stats. Are you eligible Any person certified by an authorized health care specialist as having a permanent disability is eligible for the Disabled Parking Identification DIS ID permit. By legal definition this...
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Everybody I'm going to make a video for every state in the United States how to obtain a handicap match our last places plate I mean way too many people that don't know about this program and I want to help them out on how to do this so the links on each one of these videos take you straight to the PDF for a website that you need to take the doctor ok you can have to plaque cards or 15 part in one license plate the license plates do have a feed marilyn is twenty dollars the plaque arts are absolutely free and every time you put the registration stickers on is absolutely free I just think it may be so by going in and getting it so be patient watch the video ok download the PDF file or whatever instructions it is take it to your doctor get it signed take it to em VA or DMV or whatever this in your state and get your black card you gotta remember one thing only the person that is in the vehicle that is handicapped can park in a handicapped spot six hundred fifty dollars fine in Maryland and a very state-by-state on the fine so don't be the dependent the child or abusing the handicapped spot somebody will turn yet in Wisconsin here you go with your disability black card alright this is a very intense research okay because it's not the most friendly place to get the application so this is their main page now I had to go to three different places to get forms bitch d all you need is to one is right here your blue plaque card okay i'm going to show you something i hit back on this this is the the main page when you click on it to get here alright so down on the bottom here you have to look for these guys right here alright so this is for english this is for spanish so i click this and this page comes up this was a temporary i think i have temporary over here to just minute so i need to go to let's go back here I just had permitted on his so temporary and then we have okay and permit all right here we go blue so make sure you hit the right one if you're going to get permanent you need the 2548 I'll put this directly into the description you copy this link right up there all right and then on for your temporary one up with this link on there in fact let's go down here and click the out did that again so you have to be careful if you want the temporary you have to hit the temporary so this approval of permanent and we have to find the one for temporary I did this twice alright so for the temporary one you need the 33 all right and there's a red one so you can see how easy it is to make the mistake alright so down on the bottom here is your application just fill it out over on the the blue one same thing down on the bottom is your information out what's different about Wisconsin over other states these are separate forms where other ones are on the same form and some even have the disabled vets know so now over here is your medical examination report alright it's a separate form alright and then down on the bottom here going through all this which mainly...